About Us


Name: Lucia Edson

Age: 31

Primary school: Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School

High school: Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

College: Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

University: Leeds University ( Law Graduate)

Current profession: Governance Administrator at the St Gregory the Great Catholic Academy Trust.

My journey:

My childhood was enriched by being a part of the Leeds, Catholic education system. Morals, centred around compassion and kindness have stayed with me throughout my life. I continue to pass the moral teachings to my children. I have ensured my children go through the Catholic education system to guarantee their education meets their academic needs but also nourishes their human character, as did mine.

Academically, it goes without saying, that the motivated, knowledgeable and supportive teaching and pastoral staff endeavoured to pave the direction for me, and all pupils, to achieve their highest possible potential.

The friends I made at primary school, and high school, came with me to sixth form and I am still close friends with the same people today. Growing up, and knowing people for so long, changes friends, into a family. The sense of community and belonging that transitioning through the Catholic education system can bring, embeds an inner feeling of security, which continues to stay with me long after leaving education.

The opportunities provided at the schools I attended gave me many extra-curricular “life experiences” which I was able to enjoy with my peers, such as; Trips far and wide, pilgrimages, sporting opportunities, meditation and mindfulness, charity work, community events, involvement in arts and culture, musical events, adventure parks, dance, singing and drama (chances to perform solo and as a group,) foreign exchanges, residentials, career and work experience support, the list goes on and on.


Name: Emily Murphy

Age: 27

Primary school: St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

High school: Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

College: Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

University: Leeds Trinity University/ Sheffield Hallam University

Current profession: Primary Teacher at Christ the King Catholic Primary School

My journey:

I began my journey in the catholic education system at St Augustine’s. My family were involved with this School and Parish for a total of 23 years and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this family. Lucia McPartland and her caring and enthusiastic personality inspired me to be a teacher at a very young age. I then went on to start Cardinal Heenan High School, where I fell in love with English. The women in the English department here (Miss Mcminn, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallagher) and their love of the subject amazed me. They exposed me to books and authors I had never heard of before and we had discussions around important topics that I had never had the opportunity to learn about – I was completely fascinated! They inspired me to be a strong, successful woman and I know I owe a lot of my aspirations to them. I then went on to complete an A level in English Language at Notre Dame and I am now phonics/reading lead at Christ the King Catholic Primary School.



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