About Us


Name: Emily Murphy

Age: 27

Primary school: St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

High school: Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

College: Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College

University: Leeds Trinity University/ Sheffield Hallam University

Current profession: Primary Teacher at Christ the King Catholic Primary School

My journey:

I began my journey in the catholic education system at St Augustine’s. My family were involved with this School and Parish for a total of 23 years and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this family. Lucia McPartland and her caring and enthusiastic personality inspired me to be a teacher at a very young age. I then went on to start Cardinal Heenan High School, where I fell in love with English. The women in the English department here (Miss Mcminn, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Gallagher) and their love of the subject amazed me. They exposed me to books and authors I had never heard of before and we had discussions around important topics that I had never had the opportunity to learn about – I was completely fascinated! They inspired me to be a strong, successful woman and I know I owe a lot of my aspirations to them. I then went on to complete an A level in English Language at Notre Dame and I am now phonics/reading lead at Christ the King Catholic Primary School.



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